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5 years 13 weeks ago ThomasGener Scientific Sessions: Hermann Cuntz

Hermann CUNTZ

Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in

Cooperation with Max...

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5 years 14 weeks ago fuentemilla Revisiting the role of dopamine in affective decision-making
5 years 16 weeks ago anna.mura Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school. - Barcelona, Sept 2-13, 2013)


6 years 15 weeks ago mlouis Talk of Florian Engert at the CRG on 07/09/12 at 12:00 (PRBB, Marie Curie room)
6 years 25 weeks ago acompte TOMORROW: Bruce Cumming at 10:00 at IDIBAPS

This is a reminder about Bruce Cumming's seminar tomorrow at 10:00 at IDIBAPS. The talk is entitled:


The nature of decision...

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6 years 32 weeks ago Vanessa Free FENS Activity: Meet-the-expert series.

 Experts will describe their research techniques and accomplishments in a personal context/informal environment that offers...

6 years 49 weeks ago aroxin Computational and Systems Neuroscience Seminar

January 27, 2012

Time: 12:00

Place: sala Pere Coromines,...

7 years 23 weeks ago tmasquelier Talk Matt Gilson - Friday 07/15 - 12pm - UPF Tanger

Hi colleagues,

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8 years 41 weeks ago leo.ruffini Beaming project highlighted at El Periodico

«Tres cucharadas de Star Trek, una de Avatar, ½ Terminator troceado, y salsa de Matrix con virutas de Brainstorm [filme de culto de...

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8 years 48 weeks ago diane.whitmer Abstracts for Human Brain Mapping Due January 22

Please note that the international Human Brain Mapping conference is taking place in Barcelona this year, June 6-10, 2010.

Abstracts are...

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