Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit - Bellvitge

The Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit is located at the Bellvitge Hospital in Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona (Spain). Its main focus of research is cognitive neuroscience of language and executive function, particularly on language learning, bilingual processing and human action monitoring (human error detection and correction processes). To reach this goal we use a combination of different neuroimaging techniques (electrophysiological and magnetic resonance imaging) that are crucial in order to better understand human cognitive functions. The last years we have also been very interested in developing new paradigms related to the main research questions in which we are currently interested: how do we learn a new language? In this respect, we have carried out a large number of experiments with the aim of evaluating and testing different models, which will be further explored using neuroimaging tools. Also, we have been also studying in which degree genetic variability related to certain neurotransmitters (dopamine) influences cognitive processing, and specially, the way in which we process erroneous actions and reward experiences. Finally we are interested in brain plasticity. In this line, we are involved in the use of musical therapy for therapeutic use in patients with stroke.

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