Welcome to VISCA

The VISCA (Vision and Control of Action) group, founded in 2009 and headed by Hans Supèr, is a research group at the Dept Basic Psychology of University of Barcelona. Our goal is to understand the psychological and neural mechanisms of spatial and temporal processing of information within the visual system. In particular, we aim at understanding how visual world is translated into perception and how human behavior depends on such cognitive information, and to build bio-inspired models for robots.


Who we are

VISCA group creates an interdisciplinary research group on visual science and action control unique in Catalonia. We have a background in Psychology, Neurobiology, Computational modeling and Physics. We have an up and up and running laboratory with online tracking systems, e.g. binocular EyelinkII eye tracker, and advanced stimulus presentation software.


What we do

We perform psychophysical experiments, EEG and fMRI recordings, tracking experiments, and simulations of neural network by computational modeling. Our principle research lines are:


  • Computer models of visual perception.
  • Eye movements and perception
  • Visual space and spatial vision.
  • Role of visual areas in figure-ground segregation.
  • Sensing our own actions.
  • Sequential timing
  • Motion and temporal aspects of vision



Contact Data
Facultat de Psicologia Campus Mundet - Building "de Ponent" Passeig de la Vall d`Hebron, 171 08035 Barcelona

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