Magnetoencephalography Laboratory at Teknon

The Magnetoencephalography Laboratory is a collaborative effort based in the Centro Medico Teknon, Barcelona. Members of the laboratory are engaged in a variety of clinical, experimental and theoretical inquires within the realm of neuroscience. A variety of projects are currently underway in our laboratory, or in collaboration with other scientists or laboratories: epilepsy, presurgical mapping, schizophrenia, stuttering, obsessive-compulsive disorder and retest reliability of MEG in epilepsy and presurgical functional mapping. Members of the laboratory have a state of the art research instrument at their disposal: a high-density whole-head magnetoencephalography system - the first such brain imaging laboratory in Catalonia and the leading clinical center in Spain. With these technologies at their disposal, researchers can address diverse research interests from multiple perspectives in the fields of a set of inter-related research issues.

Contact Data
Centro Medico Teknon calle Vilana 12, 08022 Barcelona
(+34) 93.290.6021
meg (AT)
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